Have You Been Screwed

A friend of mine set up a cruise for her husband's birthday. She invited lots of people talked to a Carnival representative to set up the whole trip. Most people use travel agents or separate companies to schedule a cruise and airfare. My friend had little experience with using other sources so it makes sense to utilize a well-known company for their expertise to schedule with them. The trip was to go from Long Beach to Catalina Island and stop at Ensenada, Mexico then return.

The representative from Carnival name "J" handled everything and assured her that he was capable of making everything happen for her. He said he could answer all her questions and all she needed to do is to pay at the deadline and all things would be assume. She advised him that she had two children that she was bringing on the trip and he assured her that as long as the children didn't get off the boat there were no documents needed for them.

I made my arrangements with "J" also and he arranged my flight from Denver to LAX. He told me that I had to pay by the first of February or things would be canceled. I told him that I got paid on the third of the month and was there anything he could do to fix the problem. He got permission from a superior and everything was supposedly setup. He said for me to call back on the first to check in about paying on the third so, I did. On the first of February, he didn't answer his phone. I choose someone else then they forwarded me to his voicemail and I left a message. I then called on the 3rd and he didn't answer but "K" answered but didn't know about the payment arrangement, and said he had been fired. 

Unfortunately, my friend had been charged for my expenses too. I realized I should have made my own travel plans and this would have helped. I just sent the money to my friend via Paypal, since that is what we usually do.

I was picked up at the airport, then we drove to the dock and was getting ready to board. We filled out the paperwork that was needed to present at the dock and found that the children needed their birth certificates. I needed a birth certificate or passport but I would have renewed my passport prior to the trip if "J" would have specified requirements. Now that we only had two hours to board, the suggested we go home to get the documents which were 2 1/2 hour round trip. We only had two hours left to board. 

My friend started calling Carnival and crying because it was obvious none of us was getting on the boat. Carnival did not want to accept the responsibility for misinformation given or do anything to help with the loss of a $3000 trip.

Maybe, I am too hopeful but you would think that they would offer some type of credit. They could have offered a discounted trip for next time for two or rescheduled for one or more people. They just said that it was our fault, obviously, for not researching on our own the regulations for travel. In other words, we should trust them or people who work for them to rely on traveling on international water.

Now I am appalled with how they responded and their lack of concern with the money that lost. They are a well-known and good reputable company. You would think that information like that should be disclosed in every call when making the sale.

Please, if anyone has had this issue with Carnival before please leave comments below.