St. Frances church shelters

Thursday last week was my first day staying with these churches. Someone from the shelter will drive us in the van to the church of the night. The van picks us up at 7am. I was not sure if I'd like it but most of them are ok. Since these are churches I M debating Saturday night. Sunday morning the van won't be picking us up. I woul like to explain about some of the girls. There is a women that speaks very little English who needs deodorant, I call her giggles. Giggles coughs a lot throughout the night. She seems to get really cold because she asks for several blankets every night. Giggles also laughs to herself often, even throughout the night. There is one more that I will name grunty for the purpose of this blog. Grunty may have some delusions. She believes that when she was young, she eat an egg the was a parasite which did something to her intestines. Now she has a problem eating. When she is not expressing her opinion of the world, she is grunting. It sounds like she is talking with the grunts. I want to just sleep.