Waking up Late

Things You May Miss

I woke up today about ten o'clock a.m. I had a few things on my schedule for the day. I wanted some freelance time. I also wanted to exercise. I wanted my day to end at five o'clock p.m. I missed a lot by getting started late.

Once, I woke up today, I had to clean up my surroundings, clean myself up, and get breakfast before 10:30 a.m. Of course, that didn't work. I was going to a food bank in the building that starts at 11 am but I need to be there about a half hour early to get extra food. You know, 'first come, first serve,' moto. I was able to clean up my living room and throw the blanket on my bed. I brushed my teeth and threw some water on my face. I made a cup of coffee while I was doing the other things and was out the door running. I made it in line a few minutes late but I was doing ok.

I got the food and it was almost time for my other scheduled thing which was to return a dolly to my case manager at 1 pm. I wanted to eat lunch since I missed breakfast. I wanted a big gulp to take me through the day but I would have to hurry to 7-11 to make it back in time to run downstairs with the dolly. During that time, I was on the phone with my friend from Cali who I needed to focus on to talk, so I didn't do any multi-tasking. After the meeting, I could finally start doing work while eating my lunch.

I got a call from a new associate but not someone I want to keep in touch with. He wanted to come over but he didn't think I was going to refuse a visit as often as he brought it into the conversation. I told him prior to the visit, during the visit, and as I left he realized it still wasn't going to happen. I wasted another 45 minutes waiting for him and having the visit.

Then about 3:30 pm I started looking online for work-at-home business, reading my email, and getting some work study calls through. I wanted to earn at least $5 today and then work on getting more tomorrow. So far, all I have done is earned $3.50. Maybe a website testing will move me ahead.

Now, I am tired of staring at this computer screen and will not be able to do more work. I will miss another $15 of work. I know that I am exaggerating my day a bit but I can get way more things done with a good night's rest, and by waking up early. I can get emails, surveys, and the cleaning finished before 10 am then I can use the rest of the day to make the money.

If you have the same kind of days where you miss out on things because you slept late, or your day got started slow because you had no motivation, please comment down below to tell me about yours!