Time For A Change

Starting A Business

I decided that it is time to start my business from home. I have been talking about this for years but when I heard some news about #Trump getting rid of subsidize housing, I realize my situation may change at any moment. I have a dual diagnosis and it makes it hard to complete goals, work, and sometimes function. I can't wait for these things to improve I have to start now!

I have started with making neck soothers (neck wraps). They are made with rice and scented oils. You can use them hot or cold. I want to also add some bags to the site. Everyone is starting to bring their own bags to the store or wherever and this will keep a money flow. One of the other projects I want to add is things homeless people can use while on the streets. This way I can take a portion of profits for the homeless and a little to make the products. For example, I saw this traveling roll that is made just for carrying hygiene that the homeless could benefit from.

So I am using my downtime, which is a lot, to start sewing the neck soothers. I will have several of those listed. I hope to have eventually a small inventory. My site is up and running, Chacalit's Stuff, you are welcome to leave comments here or on the site.

A Better Me

I am working on getting my home to look like I want, going to therapy, and maintaining my appearance. The therapy is the easiest thing on my list to do. I just have to show up and talk. My home, I have let it go and allowed other people to mess it up that I have a lot of work to take care of it. I am currently working on keeping it clean as often as possible. Next would be to put the furniture in that would compliment what I am doing. As for my appearance, I am trying to work on my hair doing dreadlocks. I am also trying to exercise and hope that I loose weight. I am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle with vegetables and fruit. 

I am not getting young so if I plan to out live my parents, I need to start now. Plenty of people start while they young but that boat has sailed. Now is the time to focus on health, the environment and us all coming together to help each other.

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