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Trying Another Shelter

I tried this other shelter that is down town that seemed pretty good.  It had breakfast and dinner all the time but lunch was on your own during the weekdays.  There were classes as with all overnight, programed shelters.  I found the employment class very informative.  The reason I left was the bedbug epidemic. I am tired of these bugs.  They eat me up and leave scars on my body.  The facility new there were bugs for two days before taking action.  I was being eaten up three days in a row before they started taking actions on the row before mine.  I decided I couldn't stay there and would stay outside.  I had bagged my suitcase, clothes, and backpack to reduce the infestation with me.  I am glad I got out in time because they were going to spray my row the next day which would have gave the bugs another night to eat me up.

Trying to Help Someone When You need Help Yourself

I have mentioned before my boyfriend and his issues, well I have a friend that has a problem with his money.  His name is Dino.  He doesn't drink but can not save money or budget it.  He runs out of my by the second week of the month.  He had someone as a payee but that person is a drunk.  I have problems with budgeting my money as well as as everyone else but my friend wants me to be his payee.  I have thought about that.  I can't take care of my boyfriend, me and Dino.  If they weren't adults it would be fine.  Now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.