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Not Homeless Anymore

I have finally got a place to live.  I have been worrying about lots of people on the streets as well as myself.  I feel left out when I don't go to the library.  I normally go to the library see all the homeless people that I used to hang around with.  I sometimes talk to them.  I was there last week to actually help one friend with a resume.  She needed a resume and I let her use my computer.  While doing that I ran into a friend that is homeless that I describe as the sensitive talker.  The sensitive talker what upset about another homeless person that is usually rude and talks trash to him.  I told sensitive talker to not let it get to him, but he said it did because this time the guy snapped at him then threatened him.  I told sensitive talker that sometimes people are going through things that we don't know or understand and they take it out on us for no apparent reason.  Sensitive talker just went on and on about it, then finally got upset about his best friend talking…

Start a non homeless adventure!

My Avon SiteI found that the only work from home business that was easy, provide for the community, and didn't cost a lot to get started was Avon.  I sold Avon before and built a considerably large downline with the help of one of my favorite Avon reps, Michelle Bowls.  She not only was my upline, but she help me grow my business the way all District Managers should.  I still remember a lot of her skills she passed on to us.  I think the most important thing she taught me was to be positive and don't allow anyone to still your joy.  She had continues joy that spread throughout the company like wild flowers.  I am glad to start again.  The only thing I am doing differently is that if I help anyone to to get started I will make sure they use the power of three.  It really works!