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Homeless Helping the Needy

I was on the bus stop waiting to go shopping when I heard a crash sound. Some items of this mans truck fell into the street. It looked like a boxspring and a couple of chairs, maybe more.  As he struggled with the items, trying to put them back into the truck, two homeless guys that were flying signs on the corner ran into the street to help the man.  I believe that all the homeless is good, but has had bad situations to put them into that community.  There are rumors of drug dealers being among the homeless, what I have seen is that there are drug dealers that sell bad drugs to the homeless and intrigue them to sell for more drugs for themselves.  Most of the homeless are depressed and take drugs to self medicate.

Taking Vitamins

I was on 16th street mall trying to figure out what to have for dinner. I was talking about the that is going to eat too. To homeless women, one I already know, explained to me that if you are craving salt, you must have an iron defeciency. I explained that he takes a multivitamin and iron supplement. Ine said add vitiman c and the other said vitiman e. Eithor way, his body is not getting what it needs so he needs a doctor visit.