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Waking up Late

Things You May Miss
I woke up today about ten o'clock a.m. I had a few things on my schedule for the day. I wanted some freelance time. I also wanted to exercise. I wanted my day to end at five o'clock p.m. I missed a lot by getting started late.
Once, I woke up today, I had to clean up my surroundings, clean myself up, and get breakfast before 10:30 a.m. Of course, that didn't work. I was going to a food bank in the building that starts at 11 am but I need to be there about a half hour early to get extra food. You know, 'first come, first serve,' moto. I was able to clean up my living room and throw the blanket on my bed. I brushed my teeth and threw some water on my face. I made a cup of coffee while I was doing the other things and was out the door running. I made it in line a few minutes late but I was doing ok.
I got the food and it was almost time for my other scheduled thing which was to return a dolly to my case manager at 1 pm. I wanted to eat lunch since…


Have You Been Screwed
A friend of mine set up a cruise for her husband's birthday. She invited lots of people talked to a Carnival representative to set up the whole trip. Most people use travel agents or separate companies to schedule a cruise and airfare. My friend had little experience with using other sources so it makes sense to utilize a well-known company for their expertise to schedule with them. The trip was to go from Long Beach to Catalina Island and stop at Ensenada, Mexico then return.
The representative from Carnival name "J" handled everything and assured her that he was capable of making everything happen for her. He said he could answer all her questions and all she needed to do is to pay at the deadline and all things would be assume. She advised him that she had two children that she was bringing on the trip and he assured her that as long as the children didn't get off the boat there were no documents needed for them.
I made my arrangements with …