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30 Days

I started this program here four weeks ago and has made it.  I also am glad that I am feeling better.  I get sleepy some times but over all i am okay.  I have been lately seeing Corey's face on certain people or hearing his voice.  I am taking the medication that is supposed to help with that but I guess it is not working because it is not my brain it is him trying to contact me.  I don't know but I wish it would stop.  I still think of him whenever I see a shot bottle on the ground.  I want to see my boyfriend but he is trying to punish me for getting mad but the reality is we are not compatible and we should sever the relationship.  He doesn't want to, he just thinks some time away will help.  I am not going to loose the progress I made to go back with him since he has not checked himself into a facility yet.  I caught him saying, why should he stop drinking if we are still going to argue.  He is supposed to stop for himself not for me.  Now, I know he is doing it for th…

Drunken Women

Today I witness a bad situation,  There is a pregnant girl that smelled a friend who was drunk.  The women that was drunk was an older women.  For security reasons I will leave names out of this.  Pregnant stopped me to tell me that Older women smelled like liquor.  I told her that I had smelled it before on her a couple of times.  Pregnant must have said something to staff since staff called her up front, talked to Older women in the office, then called police to escort her to Detox.  Of course, Older women will probably get kicked out.  I feel bad because I know that if you are an alcoholic, you can not stop drinking just because you situation calls for it.  I knew about Older women and had smelled her before but I did not judge.  I couldn’t assume that she had been drinking the other times, but was pretty sure the time she had a good talk with me.  Older women had talked to her teenaged daughter and was so excited about it.  She staggered a bit and was very affectionate.  She kept …

Living In A Shelter

Living her in this shelter gives me lots of restrictions.  I am limited to time to come in if I have a night chore due the time the chore must be completed. Chore has to be done by 8:30pm but curfew is 10pm.  Also, I have to use their detergent, which makes me itch.  I have to eat their food which gives me heart burn but most of all I have no internet access in the building I am in.  I have a locker which makes it easier to store things I want for the day.  I have to take showers at 12 am-2:am to have it warm not ice cold.  Can’t use an alarm on phone due to noise.  My meds keeps me sleepy so I can’t get up when they wake me up.  I am going to stay in for the whole three months and try an online business, hoping that I can use that as an income instead.  I do have more time to devote to the internet.

Asian Lady

There is a Asian lady at the spot that talks to herself.  Actually it seems she is really talking to someone.  Sometimes in the middle of the night, she bursts out with yelling and crying.  Other women in the dorm yell at her and tell her to leave the dorm.  I feel bad because it is not her fault that it feels like someone is speaking back to her.  This is one the reasons why I wanted to build a website to help us all.  This blog hopefully can reach a psych or someone that may have suggestions that would help to deal with her.

Brandon Center

I decided to go into a program due to my boyfriend getting drunk and running away from me with the tent.  I was going to be stranded outside without a tent for our camp spot and no protector.  I realized that the only way for me to rely on him was to break up and request him to get into a program.  He says he will and has now been trying.  I consider us broken up/separated.  He has looked into several programs but not sure what he is going to do.  I think he will wait until after Monday.  He will have one of the two cleaning done on his teeth.  I figure about two months before he commits.