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Strange Events

Strange Events Which Can't Be Explained! Garlic Brownies I went to the Dollar Tree to get some cleaning supplies when I decided to grab this pack of brownies mix. I made some tuna salad and apparently had some garlic left in the bowl I was using to mix the brownies in. So when the brownies came out they tasted garlicy. I still ate them.

A friend of mine lost $900 worth of product then was able to purchase more to regain $150 in profit. They ended the day with a loss of a $20 - $500 profit.
I don't know why I am involved with weird interactions

Being Productive

Things New

News Today my mom told me that my sister's boyfriend heard a rocket launching at Vandenburg Airforce base. So I searched the web to see what I could find about it. According to Space Archive, this was a satellite launch. The local news channel CBS in Los Angeles said they could see it lift off. My family is in that area so that makes lots of sense.
I started cooking this meal five days ago. I looked up the recipe on my favorite site and found the Shrimp Florentine with Zoodles recipe. I had to peel the shrimp, which took so long (20 mins) that I got hungry and stopped. I went to a BBQ and didn't cook that day. I was in pain from my teeth, then got them pulled and couldn't eat for several days. Finally, I cooked the whole meal according to the recipe except for missing red pepper leaves and adding cheese. The shrimp was over-cooked, so it was falling apart. It tasted good but I was disappointed in myself and proud to have cooked something new.
Cleaning I…

Cutting Ties

When To Cut Ties

I have a friend that comes around and causes havoc in my life. He is an old boyfriend. He is a nice person generally but he serves a master that I no longer want to serve, addiction. I have told him that I want to change, and work on my issues but he hasn't heeded my words. Since his addiction is his master, everyone else will be put aside. He lives in my apartment complex which makes it harder to get rid of him.
So I thought that I could explain to him my desires and wants, hoping he was a true friend and respect them. I was mistaking. He backed off for awhile and gave me some room but he feeds off my weaknesses. He is an Energy Vampire. He sucks all the energy and life out of me so that I can not move forward in my life. So guess what, I had to try something different to get him to leave me alone.
My next attempt was to post a sign on my door most of the time to keep him from knocking on my door. He has ignored the sign more times than he should. I don't th…

Automated Delivery

I just watched a video about an automated delivery service that may be created by Dominoes. Wow! Well, the car will drive up, you will punch in some type of code and the a hatch will open up with your pizza in it. If the seal is tampered with, you are not obligated to take the pizza. The car will thank you and then drive away. I think I would love to participate in a project like that. I am not sure how may companies will start doing this but I think it could be profitable.

I haven't used the car share ride services yet, let alone the #Uber food delivery service. Please leave a comment below about what you guys think about this post.

Oreo Cookie: Android OS and Cookie

Which Would You Prefer? I will start with some history on both to give them both a fair chance of choice. I am not providing exact history just #wikipedia and some articles found online. I just want to see peoples choices and their opinions listed in the comments below.
Oreo Cookie The Oreo Biscuit was created by #Nabisco 1912 when they were called the "National Biscuit Company". It was created to copy another cookie from Sunshine but I think the Oreo tasted better. The filling was accomplished by Sam Porcello. They have some many colors and flavors for the filling. My favorite is the "Gay Pride Oreo" that was an advertisement listed on #Facebook.
Android Oreo This is the new name of Android's new OS. It's about to come out but here is the video from #Android to explain it: 
I love watching this show to learn about Android and their personal experience with this OS. I watch "AllAboutAndroid" to find the latest info on my phone issues. I know that…

Little Vietnamese Man

I was waiting by the bus stop to meet a friend for breakfast. This little old man came up to me and said hello. His eyes were leveled with my breast, so of course, he kept looking at them. He asked where I worked twice, and I told him twice I go to school. I told him I lived at the building down the street. He asked if I was single. Then he asked," It's been a long time without boyfriend?". I said a few months. Then he asked to be my friend, and of course, how do you say no to a little old man. He told me he was from Vietnam. He must have been at least 60 something. He had the light color ring around his pupil.

What is really funny, is that a friend of mine is usually with me when I am walking on Colfax and notices that men think I am a working woman. In this case, I had casual work clothes on. I don't know if anyone likes this blog or at least has stuff like this happen to them please comment on this blog. This was a post from 2014.

Creative Recycling

Recycling Everyday Items I started getting emails that showed me how to recycle toilet paper rolls, then something in my head said recycle everything you can that you throw away. I first thought of how I have old clothes that has holes or doesn't fit. I figured I can search the web to find a way to recycle them. Everyone always has cardboard around the house, we could use it for art or find another creative way to keep it. I have also seen old coffee canisters reused as storage. So my way of giving back to the planet is to recycle/ reuse mostly because of the lack of funds and the environment.
Things In The Recycle Bin We are told by local government and the news to recycle plastics, aluminum, cardboard, and paper to say the least. I think there are several ways to do this. We can reuse a lot of cardboard as art and storage. Old boxes card be decorated to be storage bins. My favorite is a post I saw from All Things Paper blog.
I have also seen some cool plastic bottle reuses. Som…

Time For A Change

Starting A Business
I decided that it is time to start my business from home. I have been talking about this for years but when I heard some news about #Trump getting rid of subsidize housing, I realize my situation may change at any moment. I have a dual diagnosis and it makes it hard to complete goals, work, and sometimes function. I can't wait for these things to improve I have to start now!
I have started with making neck soothers (neck wraps). They are made with rice and scented oils. You can use them hot or cold. I want to also add some bags to the site. Everyone is starting to bring their own bags to the store or wherever and this will keep a money flow. One of the other projects I want to add is things homeless people can use while on the streets. This way I can take a portion of profits for the homeless and a little to make the products. For example, I saw this traveling roll that is made just for carrying hygiene that the homeless could benefit from.
So I am using my do…

Waking up Late

Things You May Miss
I woke up today about ten o'clock a.m. I had a few things on my schedule for the day. I wanted some freelance time. I also wanted to exercise. I wanted my day to end at five o'clock p.m. I missed a lot by getting started late.
Once, I woke up today, I had to clean up my surroundings, clean myself up, and get breakfast before 10:30 a.m. Of course, that didn't work. I was going to a food bank in the building that starts at 11 am but I need to be there about a half hour early to get extra food. You know, 'first come, first serve,' moto. I was able to clean up my living room and throw the blanket on my bed. I brushed my teeth and threw some water on my face. I made a cup of coffee while I was doing the other things and was out the door running. I made it in line a few minutes late but I was doing ok.
I got the food and it was almost time for my other scheduled thing which was to return a dolly to my case manager at 1 pm. I wanted to eat lunch since…


Have You Been Screwed
A friend of mine set up a cruise for her husband's birthday. She invited lots of people talked to a Carnival representative to set up the whole trip. Most people use travel agents or separate companies to schedule a cruise and airfare. My friend had little experience with using other sources so it makes sense to utilize a well-known company for their expertise to schedule with them. The trip was to go from Long Beach to Catalina Island and stop at Ensenada, Mexico then return.
The representative from Carnival name "J" handled everything and assured her that he was capable of making everything happen for her. He said he could answer all her questions and all she needed to do is to pay at the deadline and all things would be assume. She advised him that she had two children that she was bringing on the trip and he assured her that as long as the children didn't get off the boat there were no documents needed for them.
I made my arrangements with …

Near Death Experience.

Some days just staying alive is a miracle. Almost getting hit by a car is very close to death experience. Seeing someone a few days prior to their death can feel like being in the proximity the occurrence. Hearing that someone knew someone that took their own life can be near death. Having someone die in you home can be too close to death. I think this is an experience that can be interpreted in lots of different ways but the key is that you are still alive.

Last night I went out to buy some snacks from the drugstore across the street. I crossed half the street to the median. I looked and it seemed the cars were far enough away to continue across. As I stepped out I could hear the roaring of the engine getting closer to me so I picked up my pace. As I stepped onto the curb the truck sped passed me and turned into the parking lot of the drugstore. The truck slowed down enough not to leave tire marks or smoke. Right behind the truck was a police car. The police left tire marks. I went …


AntDaGamer has tons of games worth watching!

I think if you like RPG's you are going to love this one and her shorts are cute!

My Computer is Dying

I thought that it would be interesting to talk about the problem I am having with my computer.


Account Creation
I have had a yahoo account since the 1980's, I think, but I am unable to find out when the account creation happened. I have tried to contact Yahoo but there is no direct connection to someone who works for them. I have tried the help function but it leads me to the community help. I tried the community help and there is someone who has done this before but knows a way around it by going to the developers to get your answer. 
Yahoo has been around a long time and may want to stay around longer. I stopped using them because they didn't have as many features as Gmail. Now, they are forcing me to change my password on my account that I have never had hacked because they want to keep up with the 'Jones'. It is too late for that!
What they can do is, provide an exceptional customer service for long standing account holders whether paid or not. I had taken advantage of their paid services in that past which has made me hold on to my current account with the…