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Not Homeless Anymore

I have finally got a place to live.  I have been worrying about lots of people on the streets as well as myself.  I feel left out when I don't go to the library.  I normally go to the library see all the homeless people that I used to hang around with.  I sometimes talk to them.  I was there last week to actually help one friend with a resume.  She needed a resume and I let her use my computer.  While doing that I ran into a friend that is homeless that I describe as the sensitive talker.  The sensitive talker what upset about another homeless person that is usually rude and talks trash to him.  I told sensitive talker to not let it get to him, but he said it did because this time the guy snapped at him then threatened him.  I told sensitive talker that sometimes people are going through things that we don't know or understand and they take it out on us for no apparent reason.  Sensitive talker just went on and on about it, then finally got upset about his best friend talking…

Start a non homeless adventure!

My Avon SiteI found that the only work from home business that was easy, provide for the community, and didn't cost a lot to get started was Avon.  I sold Avon before and built a considerably large downline with the help of one of my favorite Avon reps, Michelle Bowls.  She not only was my upline, but she help me grow my business the way all District Managers should.  I still remember a lot of her skills she passed on to us.  I think the most important thing she taught me was to be positive and don't allow anyone to still your joy.  She had continues joy that spread throughout the company like wild flowers.  I am glad to start again.  The only thing I am doing differently is that if I help anyone to to get started I will make sure they use the power of three.  It really works! 

Homeless Helping the Needy

I was on the bus stop waiting to go shopping when I heard a crash sound. Some items of this mans truck fell into the street. It looked like a boxspring and a couple of chairs, maybe more.  As he struggled with the items, trying to put them back into the truck, two homeless guys that were flying signs on the corner ran into the street to help the man.  I believe that all the homeless is good, but has had bad situations to put them into that community.  There are rumors of drug dealers being among the homeless, what I have seen is that there are drug dealers that sell bad drugs to the homeless and intrigue them to sell for more drugs for themselves.  Most of the homeless are depressed and take drugs to self medicate.

Taking Vitamins

I was on 16th street mall trying to figure out what to have for dinner. I was talking about the that is going to eat too. To homeless women, one I already know, explained to me that if you are craving salt, you must have an iron defeciency. I explained that he takes a multivitamin and iron supplement. Ine said add vitiman c and the other said vitiman e. Eithor way, his body is not getting what it needs so he needs a doctor visit.

Another Drunk

Today after taking a nap at the day shelter, I looked at my phone for missed calls. A friend of mine had called. When I called him back he said him and his boyfriend had got into a big fight yesterday and he asked me to come over. I said yes because I was going to sleep out. I went over, eat some food then took a nap. His boyfriend came in, dropped off somethings then left. When I woke up I went to the store to get dinner. I came back to his place cooked dinner then his boyfriend decided to gather things for their party that was supposed to happen yesterday. We ate then I got my things together for a shower and bed. It had been about two hours since his boyfriend said he was on his way when he called again to say he wanted me to stay at the boyfriend's friends place. She was going to be because she had to get up early. She was there from the first call. Now that it is almost midnight I have to pack up and leave. I might have stayed at that woman's house but its really to late…

Crazy Friday Night

I was spending the night at a friend's house but I wanted a snack for the night.  I wanted some cookies with milk.  I waited until my friends came out of their room about 8:45pm, then left to go to the store.  After I got off the bus, there was a women trying to walk fast.  We kept up together until I reached to store parking lot.  In the parking lot was some young men.  The young men threw down a liquor bottle which scared me, but I continued to the store.  In the store I forgot what I was at the store for.  I remembered I need some hot chocolate to replace at my friend's house from my use.  After I walked to the bus stop I saw a gay guy with a friend.  They were talking about the straight one losing his transfer.  All of a sudden a guy walking by with a look of an angry gang member.  He turns around, comes back to circle the bus stop and ask the to guys what gang they were in and when the didn't respond he walked away with yelling he was "Northeno" something.  …

Little Indian

A man that lost his parents when he was little and his will to live.  He now lives at the shelter.  He has a best friend that is very sensitive.  He was not nature or loved.  He now gets love from his best friend. He works when ever he can.  He is about 60 years old and now that his friend unable to work, he works when he can to provide for both of them.  They argue at times but they still get along and will be friends forever.

Chicken Day

I usually go to Popeye's on Tuesday to enjoy athe chicken special with my funiest friend.  Today, the chicken was to spicy for him and made him grunt like a woman that is homeless that I know of.  We then left the chicken place to go to Arby's to get my free drink, using my wrist band.  After filling my Mountain Dew bottle with Mountain Dew, when crossed the street to catch the bus.  I was on the phone with another friend that was having man problems. After a few minutes we realized that there was a crazy person on the bus right behind us.  We mentioned that we were going to a mall in another city when he promptly corrected my pronounciation of the city name.  We then realized he was crazy.  We got off the bus to wait for the next bus to trasfer to.  The crazy person got off the bus as well.  He walked around harrassing people and jumping in front of cars.  We were thinking we should change our mind about going to that mall since it was the same direction the crazy man was goi…


I met a guy that came from Phoenix two days ago.  He sounds extremely intelligent but loves manual work.  I give him information to get around to make him a Denver residence.  He got rid of his sleeping bag so that he didn't have to carry it around.  Instead of sleeping outside, he now sleeps at shelters to start getting a stable place.  He is very talkative, he also said he had been down in Colorado Springs.  I am not sure if he is all together.  When I first met him, he was told that I worked for a satellite company.  He used to sell subscriptions door to door with equipment for the satellite company.  He stood there talking about that information about the equipment plus subscription for 20 minutes without introductions.  Finally after introductions I was able to change the conversation towards lunch and how to eat out on the streets.  It was in the evening when I finally was able to talk about other things.  The day ended with him finally going to the shelter he needed.  I tol…

St. Frances church shelters

Thursday last week was my first day staying with these churches. Someone from the shelter will drive us in the van to the church of the night. The van picks us up at 7am. I was not sure if I'd like it but most of them are ok. Since these are churches I M debating Saturday night. Sunday morning the van won't be picking us up. I woul like to explain about some of the girls. There is a women that speaks very little English who needs deodorant, I call her giggles. Giggles coughs a lot throughout the night. She seems to get really cold because she asks for several blankets every night. Giggles also laughs to herself often, even throughout the night. There is one more that I will name grunty for the purpose of this blog. Grunty may have some delusions. She believes that when she was young, she eat an egg the was a parasite which did something to her intestines. Now she has a problem eating. When she is not expressing her opinion of the world, she is grunting. It sounds like she is t…

Feeling Better

I spoke once about a man that was homeless who wanted to walk in front of a bus because of his depression.  I just wanted to let you guys know that he is back to selling the homeless paper ( Voice) and is feeling a lot better about his situation.