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Library homeless

I was told that one day in the later part of spring a man dressed in regular clothes walked around the library leaving money in envelopes.  Some people he must have felt intimidated by because he would wait until the left for the restroom and leaving the envelopes under their books. He gave some $20 and some $50. I was so happy for them.

Meat Diassociation

This story is to show how a some people can leave the Homeless community with by being housed but will not let go of the mentality. I have two friends that came from this comunity and both are living in their on place. There are certain rules in the Homeless community that can not be broken because it can be considered disrespectful. I lost one friend over some delicious meat because I broke an unspoken rule from that community. I will start with my closest friend, who will be called Will for this story. Will and I have been friends for about 4 years. He is Gay, is employed,  and pays his own rent. Will and I have a mutual sharing relationship.  Whoever has more money pays and the other will catchup whenever.  He loves to eat so he is always trying to feed me, not just fast food but the best that he would eat. Will works a lot and doesn't spend the quality time like we used to. Sometimes I see him once a week but we always have fun. My other friend we will call Joe. Joe and I ha …

Glover Jones singing on 16st Mall in Denver, CO

Here is a guy that loves to sing and would sing for you. He knows and helps the people from the homeless community.