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Being a Man

Last night at the porch I choose to sleep at I had a couple of guys give me money.  I tried to make myself look like a man to make me safer.  As a man there is less of a chance of me being a attacked.  The first guy came by them back tracked to say," If I have food in my mouth, you should too.  Keep your head up."  The second man called me a man the asked that I tried to find a warm place to sleep.  I think a third guy was going to dropped some money but he hesitated and left.  I only got three dollars total but it is the thought that counts.  I have been hoping and relying on the fact that my significant other will provide for me but it seems he would rather I spend my money.  I have been spending money on him since this relationship started.  I guess it is my fault.  I allowed him to get comfortable with me spoiling him with love, affection, and doing whatever he wanted to do.  Now, I am trying to change things by being the old me.  For example, when he starts talking craz…

Driving Accident

Yesterday I went to Englewood's Salvation Army to get a hotel voucher.  While I was waiting I heard a horrible story.  There were a few homeless guys camping down by 20th st and I-25 when all of a sudden there were tires screeching then one of these guys were hit and killed.  Another of them was badly injured.  This tells us that not only is dangerous to sleep on the street in fear of people trying to murder you because you are homeless.  Now you have to be careful where you camp out because of dangerous drivers.

Getting ready for Winter

Almost all the homeless is out there searching for backpacks, sleeping bags, warm clothing, and blankets.  I am currently looking for a way to carry my sleeping gear and my laptop.  My laptop is my only link to the old society.  I would rather just give up on trying to have a life worth anything but my laptop reminds me that the world has much to offer.  I want to start my own online business sot that I can eventually work from home, if I ever get a home.  The world wide world has limitless amounts of opportunity to do just that.  Even though I am just starting to realize the potential, I am scared to let go of what might mean connecting socially.  I do have  skype, facebook, and twitter accounts hoping this will keep me connected to all who might care or liked to care.  Today is about finding alternative options.

The importance of Sex

My ex-boyfriend could not wait to see if I would be a booty call for him.  He went off drinking with a familiar face, gave her wine then hoped for sex.  His story was that she went to the store for douche and never returned.  He noticed that his debit card was missing, he phone and laptop was acting up and she had to be the blame.  Of course, there were other people entangled in this web of deceit.  I heard another story that he was drinking with other people unknown and known around when he started withdrawing money from his card to party some more.  Which means there is a chance that the real story could be the combination of both stories together.  The most important thing is that if he would have waited until the next day He might have still had the card, got the sex and still been able to party with his friends.

He Dug a Hole

There is a homeless guy that felt compelled to dig a hole.  It was about 12ft by 10ft and 12ft deep.  He made a ladder out of fallen timbers.  Tunnels was burrowed for warmth.  He made a bunker for a place to sleep.  There were shelves, dugout holes in wall for pantry space.  Bench seats was made for visitors.  He would go to the river to sift through water and dirt for gold.  This man is currently 26 six and likes to mine. The hole was dug a few months ago and it tuck him 3 days.