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Why  Do People Have Crutches I have seen lots of people that have crutches. For example, some people use drugs and alcohol to avoid dealing with their issues. Now I think there are some great crutches like art therapy and blogging. Today I just want to talk about positive crutches that make dealing with the issues tolerable.
I know a lady named Jewels who is a single senior citizen who lives with her dog and makes jewelry. She loves to do any crafts really and uses the art to keep her sane. She makes eggshell boxes, earrings, necklaces, and much more. She wants to switch this craft therapy crutch to a money making adventure by selling it online. I think that is very noble of her. It will take a lot of determination, focus, and discipline to make this work for her. Jewels also need to learn more about computers and the internet to start selling online. I wish her the best luck in the world.
I would love to here that someone in the world has changed their life by utilizing crafting the…