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Low income recipients

This is a blog to anyone that has ever been in the low-income category in Denver


Drug deal gone wrong

I'm here at the library trying to have a conversation about the Motorola G when I saw a drug deal go wrong. The addict was trying to return the drugs for money but dealer pushed him back.  The addict was a still persistent with showing the drugs in hand to dealer as if to say, 'this is not my money's worth'. It continued for a while by a vehicle and finally the dealer gave in to addict. Dealer passed more drugs to addict but addict didn't give up.  As dealer was getting into car, he passed addict even more drugs before he took off in car. I don't know about you buys but if you saw this in daylight would you a) call the cops b) tell addict you must be really addicted, or c) mind your business?