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Chip in the nose

I was at Woody’s a day shelter that gives food, clothing and shower.  I was enjoying my breakfast when I saw a lady I had met previously at a battered women’s shelter.  I was eating my muffin when I got a taste of perfume.  I thought it was my lotion on my finger but my next bite tasted like this too.  I said something out loud and the guy next to me mentioned he tasted it too.  I threw the rest of the muffin out but the lady I mentioned earlier said it was probably a chip in her nose.  She thinks the women at the shelter she stays at put it in her nose to poison her.  She has smelt hair spray and nail enamel then she could taste it so they must be poisoning her.  She said she was serious.  After that I kept my comments to her quick and short.

One eyed Man

A few nights ago I was in McDonalds feeding boyfriend and myself.  As we were eating there was a man walking around picking up food from the ground.  The employee gave him a cup of coffee.  I am not sure if it was paid for or not but that did help a little.  As I noticed him walking around pulling his pants up saw that he had one eye only.  He looked homeless.  I felt bad for him when I saw him pick up the fry from the ground.  My boyfriend on the other hand said he doesn't want to feel bad for him but he would give money to a kid hanging in there talking about smoking weed.  I think that is because he wants to stay young because he is old enough to be their dad.

Nice Homeless

I met a guy Paul who seemed really nice.  He has been homeless for 10 years.  He wants to work but can't find work due to having to carry his life with him every where he goes.  He has a backpack, duffel bag, and a small carry-on suitcase.  I can't imagine trying to go on an interview with those things.  He said that if he could only find a storage facility that is 24hrs, cost about $30 a month, and of course down town, he could find work and get off the streets.  I have met several cases just like this during this homeless adventure.  People trying to get work but have entirely to much to carry around to take to job interview, let alone a job itself.


I just heard the most horrible story.  There was a guy who was homeless camping in the mountains.  He was attack by something like wolf or fox.  His hand started swelling.  I saw his hand, it look like someone blew it up with air.  It finally started to look bruised.  I just found out that someone was fed up with seeing him look this way and took him to the doctor.  It was pass repair.  The decapitated the whole arm all the way up to the shoulder.  I just want to comment about Denver's mental health recovery.  Obviously, this guy had some mental condition that made him think that it would get better on its own.  I know the people posting the signs all over Denver about Denver's Mental Health Recovery had to have seen him since I did not know him but would always see him down town.  They should visit Stout Street Clinic to start with the recovery process.

Realizing Your Worth

I got into a fight with my significant other realizing I am only worth what he wants at the time he wants me around.  I know that I used to be worth so much to my friends and family.  Now in order for me to find what my worth is.  I wanted to have so much more from my life and this relationship.  I know the only way to improve that relationship is to ended with not letting him see me or contact me.  He doesn't know how to respect people or his self.  I tried everything without driving myself crazy.  I have started hating myself and not caring about the people around me.  Now I will find a way to make everything okay or I will just go insane.  I ask all that read this to pray for me so I will not be doing crazy things like staying out in the cold when there are places I can stay at.  Tonight I am staying out in the cold.  I lost my keys or maybe he stole them because he wanted to punish me.  Either way I have no sleeping bags to sleep with.  I did grab my clothes from yesterday, so…

Rich guy

Today I went to my storage to get my dirty clothes to wash.  As I was grabbing a light weight bag, I pulled a muscle in my back.  I finished at my storage then walked with my heavy dirty clothes slowly to the bus stop around the corner on 20th and Chesnut Pl.  While waiting for the bus, I saw a young man walking.  He was about 5'10", with short blonde hair, no shoes on, carrying a skateboard.  He had his thumb out trying to hitch hike.  I started pulling my wallet out to see if I had enough for him to catch the bus.  I asked him what happened.  He said he had just got out of jail.  He said the he was a rich guy.  I said, "Really, did you win the lotto?"  He told me he is a d.j. and just got backed by a huge production company.  So now he will be rich.  I told him that the bus might be there around ten minutes. He said he would skip the bus.  I hope I see him later once he gets all his millions and he remembers how I tried to offer him bus fare.