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I hung out Frances, with my friend Dewey. His friend Solomon was there.  I had decided to drink because once again my boyfriend was drunk.  We were talking about his penis because Dewey and him has been friends for awhile.  I told Dewey, to let’s go drink.  I asked him if Solomon would be entertaining.  He said kinda, so I said bring him.  We walked to Safeway  Dewey got the bottle to drink out of, an Arizona tea bottle because of its brown color.  Solomon and I went to the liquor store.  I saw several people I knew there.  After the store we went to quiet park  I saw my drunk boyfriend but most of all, I learned some things about Solomon.  He is extremely depressed and on the verge of committing suicide.  First of all, he thought he was invited for his penis.  I told him the invite was for his company.  We decided to leave since the drink was gone and Solomon was worried about getting to Aurora.  we give him money to get there.  We changed our mind and went to the liquor store.  Solo…

Drunken Man

My boyfriend has a serious illness, Alcoholism.  I would like to just end the relationship but that it taking the easy way out.  He has other illnesses which does go good together.  I give him a few extra dollars more then he needs so he goes to get a drink. Now, I haven’t seen him for a over 24hrs and when I called he was still drunk.  I know his meds for the other issues stop him from drinking so much.  I will have to demand that he go in to an appointment at the medical center for his own good.  I just want to spend the day not thinking about him, forget that he needs a firm hand to keep him in tact, and most of all, I want to forget that I love him.  Love, doesn’t allow you to be yourself, it is strong and will dictate to you.  What to do?  I would love to have a counselor to help me through my trials and tribulations.