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Panhandling Rules

This was originally posted on: Denver Homeless Out Loud COPS CAN’T TICKET YOU FOR PANHANDLING!COPS CAN’T TICKET YOU FOR PANHANDLING! Last week–as a result of a Federal District Court ruling that a Grand Junction panhandling ordinance is UNCONSTITUTIONAL (because it violates a person’s free speech rights)–Denver Police Chief Robert White instructed all Denver Police Department officers to stop ticketing people under the Denver Panhandling Ordinance (Section 38-132)! This means cops SHOULD NOT ticket you for sitting or standing on public space asking for money, or flying a sign to do so, EVEN IF IT’S: # Near a public toilet (public toilet?? What’s that???) # Near an ATM machine # Near a bus or shuttle stop # Near the entrance to a building # After dark # Near an outdoor patio where food or drinks are served
BUT–You CAN still be ticketed if, in the course of panhandling, you: * Touch or cause physical contact with someone against their will * Interfere with the safe or free passage of a…

Chocolate Truffle!

Every time I buy the Chocolate Truffle I eat it all in one day! I think we should all have a cozy snack like this one.

Getting Mad About What Other People Do!

Today my ex-boyfriend, who I've spoken about before, calls at 10:04 am to wake me up. I do say everyone can call me after 10 am in the morning. He says he wants to come over for a shower. When he arrives, he starts cleaning, talking, and says he wants to have sex. I don't mind it in the morning, but it has to be a rollover thing. Either way I am still not talking to anyone for a whole hour or I will be nasty. Since he knows that I need an hour before I'm ready for anything, he should not be mad that I am not in the mood due to how he woke me up.
With that said, he decides that he changed his mind. I knew he had had an alcoholic drink, but he won't ever tell me. He decided he had to meet someone downtown so I said I would go too and grab a lunch by the library. We left, he changed his mind about coming back with me so he gave me bus fare to return home. I stayed at the library, weighed myself and talked with my friend. My ex-boyfriend called, said he had a friend that wa…

People in the Vents

Once upon a time there was an attractive young man who lives alone in a small apartment building near the suburbs. He was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder which allowed him to apply for subsidized housing. In this building were other people with similar cases, some that were homeless, and others that were simply regular residents.This building had a variety of people and things that happened here.

One day this young man ran into to an older woman that had a similar case as his, but he noticed there was something different about her. He would just say hi and ask how she was doing. As a few weeks passed by she noticed she was developing a skin condition. He wasn't sure what it was, but he was afraid to ask. There were marks on her arms and a few on her face.

The older woman saw him heading up the elevator and jumped on asking him if she could talk to him. He said yes, of course, being a nice guy. She started talking about the building and the activities in the building. She explaine…

My Late Night Dessert

My late night dessert that I have while watching my shows is New Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe. I had the Dark Chocolate flavor last night and was hypnotized with the texture. It is smooth and creamy which makes it easy for anyone to eat. The taste of dark chocolate was not bitter as most dark chocolate flavored items. I enjoyed almost as much as the Chocolate Truffle flavored dessert from this same brand. I really want to try the rest. I used coupons to try this out which made it taste even better.

This is me eating dessert.
I love this dessert. @kozyshack #puddinglove #GotItFreeA photo posted by Myra Nagy (@chacalit) on Oct 4, 2015 at 8:41pm PDT

Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe

I have been enjoying these little treats for a few weeks and I am not sure if I want to stop. I am doing a campaign with BzzAgent and I am enjoying this entirely too much.

I hope that everyone will try this pudding. My mom said that this pudding brand has been out for awhile. I never had heard of it until the campaign. I am eating the Dark Chocolate one now because they ran out of the Chocolate Truffle. I got to say, this dark chocolate flavor tastes better than most products with dark chocolate, no bitter taste. I hope you try these out.

Work from Home

I have been watching some YouTube videos that talk about legitimate work at home jobs and one lady referred me to her blog where she and others share their experiences: WorkersonboardTalk. I use this to get even more than I can handle! I hope everyone has a good weekend.