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2 Cans of Soda #WordofMouf

I watched a video Post by Moufy. Click on the word Post to watch video
I think this started out as a frustrated customer who stole some drinks because of what happened inside the store. Now this has turned into a murder case? Please leave comments below.

Little Old Vietnamese Man

I was waiting by the bus stop to meet a friend for breakfast. This little old man came up to me and said hello. His eyes were leveled with my breast, so of course, he kept looking at them. He asked where I worked twice, and I told him twice I go to school. I told him I lived at the building down the street. He asked if I was single. Then he asked," It's been long time without a boyfriend?". I said a few months. Then he asked to be my friend, and of course, how do you say no to a little old man. He told me he was from Vietnam. He must have been at least 60 something. He had the light color ring around his pupil.

What is really funny, is that a friend of mine is usually with me when I am walking on Colfax and notices that men think I am a working women. In this case, I had casual work clothes on. I don't know if anyone likes this blog or at least has stuff like this happen to them please comment on this blog.  

Originally Published 4/20/14

Comcast/Xfinity Bad customer service #Comcast

Comcast needs to work on their customer service. They do not like to help with issues and treat certain customers better than others. They are so concerned with trying to get more money that they end up loosing new and current customers.

My friend was called and was convinced to sign up for Comcast service. He was scheduled on a Tuesday but they didn't show up. So the company rescheduled him on a Saturday. The tech came but visited another apartment then stated to his Comcast that my friend was available. So I helped he get rescheduled for another Saturday with a $20. Today's visit the tech comes and doesn't even try to see if he could get any channels manually. He just said to the customer "I can't help you because your tv doesn't work right, you need a remote, and we will hold your account for a month". I know that he could have made it work, but he clearly looked in a hurry and wanted to leave.

Companies like this one should consider what they do to e…

Being Treated Different

Today on my way back from the plasma, when I saw this guy, Santiago, and he was asking home i'm doing.  Then he started complimenting me saying that I was holla-able, and may he she holla. Then after a couple of stops another young man got on the train, I was starting to dose off when he starting talking.  I thought he was talking just to be friendly, but he received a call, then he continued his conversation.  I think he wanted to sound important.  He talked until I got off the train.  During my exercise walk, some guy in a truck drove by honking at me.  I know he didn't know what I looked like from behind. Finally, I caught the bus to the store to buy diner food.  On my way back some guy in a green car honked then pulled into Autozone, I shook my head no as he passed by but he still pulled into the parking lot.  As I crossed the driveway, he asked if I wanted a ride.  This time I had a witness, a lady pulling her shopping cart looked surprised and concerned.  I just kept wa…