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Supersized Backpack

I just saw a guy with clean clothes smoking a cigarette by the light rail with a super sized backpack.  I saw a sleeping bag peaking out of it.  He could probably fit a duffel bag in it as well.  It was twice his size and I'm sure half his weight.  It is really said how homeless people have to carry their life around with them just to live day to day.  Most of them try to limit themselves to one to two outfits, all essential papers, and food to eat for the night.  Essential papers are birth certificate, med9, prescriptions and lists of housing to apply for.  Of course in their bags they carry personal hygiene products because they never know where they might end up at.  This particular guy must have enough with him to last a week and can travel the country pretty good.  I wish I had time to interview him.

Depression for a Homeless Man

I have a friend that is homeless.  I saw him the other day and he seemed buzzed.  He said he would like to walk in front of the mall ride bus.  I said casually no you don't.  He said yes, because he is tired of being homeless.  He used to sale the homeless paper, The Voice.  He would go out quite often to do it but he is afraid the paper will be closing do to lack of funding.  He said he has tried hard to look for work but that was a dead in.  Now all he wants to do is sit around doing nothing, hoping he will die soon.  He is only 51, I can't believe that he is ready to end his life.  I just told him that maybe if I write about his life, maybe some changes would help.  I know there are some resources out there that can help him but he has given up.  Good news is that he has not rejected me and maybe there is something I can do to help.  This is my website I am using to help the homeless: I plan to provide resources to anyone that needs it.

When you are Homeless

I went to Franny's to empty my back pack so it wasn't so heavy.  Homeless people should all have bad backs from loading down their backpack with all the important stuff. Most of us sleep out instead of a shelter due to the hours of the shelter.  For men here in Denver, if you stay near downtown you can stay out until about 9pm.  I am a female, and most shelters want you in at 5pm, or you have to be in a program bed.  I would like a shelter for women like the Rescue Mission (Jesus Saves).  We could check in daily, eat three times a day with the anyone that comes in, and will be able to spend time looking for work, finding a way to earn money.  A lot of us use the 16th street mall as a way to earn money with our skills or talents.  We have another way, there is a newspaper we can sell, called The Voice.  There is a website but I can only find a general site  I am building my own website because I want to build this shelter and a shelter for co…