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At the hospital

A needed a fellow up at emergency due to the infection in his elbow.  I told him last week to get it done but he waited until it was badly infected.  I am so sick of him not doing what he is supposed to do to  make himself healthy.  He is a grown man and I shouldn't act like his mom but he won't act right.  I think I should have went to the library to get online.  He will be here all day and I am not in the mood to wait all day for him to get checked out for something he should have taken care of last week. I ordered some food from the cafeteria and the ham & cheese was okay, but the brownie tasted like it had been frozen then refrigerated.  I know what that tastes like since I used to work in a bakery.

My birthday

Today is my birthday.  I feel I should be able to do whatever I want.  My boyfriend has been in a bad mood all day.  I said I would just wash my clothes.  I got my clothes out of Franny's storage then went to my paid storage.  I cleaned out the things in my Chestnut storage to get it more organized.  I was about to make a payment when I found out there is smaller storage's.  I called A. immediately to tell him about it.  He said he would meet me after washing but I was getting on the bus about to get off.  When I got off the bus, I decided that was doing way to much today since it was 1pm and I hadn't started washing yet.  I told him tomorrow morning would be better.  He replied with, "Your changing the plans again?"  I told him that he suggested those plans and I hadn't had a chance to think about it.  So now in the morning I am supposed to get the small storage.  I stayed away for quite some time.  I got back about ten 'til three.  I put my clean cloth…

New Camping Spot

I was told about a new camping spot.  It is about 24 blocks away from where I take my shower but it is a peaceful place.  Trains come by, the river is near, and there is a neighborly fox that visits.  It costs lots of money to rent a room for a week.  I decided to buy a tent, get a personal grocery cart to keep my camping gear in.  When my boyfriend is not around I want to be able to stay out without feeling concerned of my safety.  He is not always reliable.  I have decided that I need to keep my blog on my website: ( so that people can view it there to keep track my what is happening in my life as well as the crazy homeless.

God's Spirit is Moving

Today I was really tired but was able to get my day rolling.  I got on the internet.  Update my website. I also made it to the library, downloaded an extra movie, and resume software.  I started rethinking going to church but I saw Ron which gave me my second wind.  Then I decided to go to Safeway for food but I saw my boy D who reminded me to go to church so I skipped food, went to Franny's to get my cart.  I pushed my cart to the spot, re-wrapped with my backpack and lunch bag.  Then, I caught the bus to church.  It was a great service.  I felt God's spirit throughout the night.  There was a man there that told me his story about how God has came through for him.  His leg was broken beyond repair.  He had metal in it, and they said he would never walk again. God has allowed him to walk and his doctor doesn't understand how he is able to walk.  The man has been baptized and his is so on fire for God he couldn't stop talking to me about it.  A is still drunk so I was a…

My significant other

He left about 4pm yesterday to help his cousin move one load.  He text me at 8pm saying he hadn't started yet because his cousin hadn't came back yet.  Then about 10pm he was drunk saying he was coming back to me.  He knows I don't like when he drinks.  He said he was at an intersection with a bus stop but didn't know which bus comes there.  Believe it or not all of the bus stops has the numbers on it.  I haven't heard from him yet.  I am not angry that he choose the booze but would like to know that he is okay.  Please comment and tell me what you guys think.


On 16th street mall in downtown Denver, CO, Silk had setup a display with samples.  I tried Almond milk with dark chocolate flavor,.  It was pretty good!  Later I saw some of their representatives walking around with a carton on their back, like a backpack. I wanted a pic but I needed my chocolate fix first.

Musical Tables

There is a women here in Starbucks that has her son with her.  He seemed to be quite normal.  He is just reading his book.  She has changed tables at least three times since I've been here.  She started at one outdoor table, then to another outdoor table, then finally an indoor table.  I don't know if she is crazy but musical tables may help her adjust to the fact that she has nothing else to do.


There was a women that walked into Starbucks here and asked if it is peaceful.  Some responded yes, some were confused at what she said but regardless she left the store.